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Health Coaching

About Sara Brecht

Sara Brecht is an experienced Health Coach and certified fitness instructor. She obtained her degree in Health Coaching/Integrative Nutrition through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she studied over 100 different dietary theories and learned from the world’s top nutrition experts.

She is committed to offering personal wellness programs tailored to meet client’s expectations and goals. She personally understands the challenges that we all encounter in our health journeys, and also the profound joy that is discovered when we regain our health and vitality.  She’s passionately driven to serve you and help you change your life!

Sara has not only studied the importance of the right individualized nutrition plan, but carries this out in her own life.  It was through finding the right individualized nutrition plan based on functional medicine diagnostic testing that she was able to address health issues she and her children were experiencing.  Understanding what it means to make a lifestyle change for health reasons, Sara is passionate about helping patients, and sharing her knowledge to give them the opportunity and tools they need!

Health Coaching Defined

With the rise in autoimmune diseases and cancer diagnoses, the need for more than information to overcome unhealthy behaviors is higher.  You need hands-on-help. You need someone who can translate doctor recommendations into action and results. You need someone who can empower you to change the behaviors that have kept you from obtaining your optimal health. Having a resource for information on obtaining an ideal weight, incorporating physical activity into your life, achieving optimal nutrition, understanding personal stress and coping techniques and improving their overall quality of life is key! The answer for this need can be a Health Coach.

Health Coaches are educated health care professionals who have the experience and qualifications to design life-changing personalized or individualized, health programs tailored to fit specific health issues and obstacles. Health Coaching provides individuals the support needed to begin living a healthy lifestyle designed to fit specific individual needs, and how to affectively turn healthy goals into lifelong habits.

In order to obtain your health goals established with Dr. Gray and Teresa, appointments are recommended with our Health Coach. The first appointment is included with your food sensitivity testing results. However, you can meet with our health coach any time even if you’ve already completed testing elsewhere or if you need advise on a diet you know you want to implement.


During personal sessions you will:

  • Participate in health assessments and vision statements with Sara, to embark on your personalized wellness plan

  • Establish realistic and attainable goals

  • Be encouraged to engage in mindful thinking regarding your lifestyle

  • Be held accountable for action plans and goals that are established in order to maximize your overall achievements

Patient Education/Nutritional Counseling
$200 for 60 Minute Appointments (discounted to $150 when purchasing food testing package at the clinic)
  • Food Sensitivities/Allergies
  • Hypoallergenic Dietary Instructions
  • Food Elimination Diets
  • Intestinal Permeability (Leaky Gut) Healing Protocol
Additional Services
$100 per 30 minute session
  • Grocery Shopping Assistance (highly recommended)
  • Email Support
HcG Weight Management Program (New Clients)
$700 for 40 Days
  • Short-term caloric restrictions
  • HcG Injections
  • 3 follow up visits through the program and 1 maintenance visit
  • Additional LipoB Injections if desired at additional cost of $200 for 5 injections over one month
HcG Weight Management Program (Repeat Clients)
$450 for 40 Days
  • Short-term caloric restrictions
  • HcG Injections
  • Additional LipoB Injections if desired at additional cost of $200 for 5 injections over one month