IH-18Introducing Molly Huinker, our new health coach!

Molly Huinker is an experienced Health Coach and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. She obtained her B.A. in Health Science with an emphasis in Health and Wellness Coaching from The University of Iowa through the WellCoaches, Inc. Coaching Psychology Program.  WellCoaches, Inc. is one of the most well-known organizations that specializes in educating and training health care professionals to become well-qualified Health Coaches.  She also obtained her ACE Certified Personal Training Certificate and was a full-time Personal Trainer for a large health club in Coralville for three years.

She is passionate about helping patients, giving them the opportunity to healthfully change their lifestyle. She is committed to offering personal wellness programs tailored to meet clients expectations and goals. She understands the struggles and challenges that we all encounter; therefore, she’s passionately driven to serve you and help change your life!

Molly struggled with migraines her entire life, and Dr. Gray recently diagnosed her with Celiac disease which has only fueled her passion even more to share what she has learned and to help patients through these difficult diagnoses. She is proud to share her migraines are now resolved!

Health Coaching Defined

Our society is now recognizing the need for more than advice to overcome unhealthy behaviors; they need hands-on-help. They need someone who can translate doctor recommendations into action and results. They need someone who can empower them to change the behaviors that have kept them from attaining an ideal weight, incorporating physical activity into their lives, achieving optimal nutrition, understanding personal stress and coping techniques and improving their overall quality of life. The answer for this need can be a Health Coach.

Health Coaches are educated health care professionals who have the experience and qualifications to design life-changing personal health programs. Health Coaching provides individuals the ability to learn about living and leading a healthy lifestyle and how to affectively turn healthy goals into lifelong habits while empowering yourself to feel your best.

Molly’s services:

Patient Education/Nutritional Counseling $200 for 60 minute appointment discounted to $150 when purchasing food testing package at the clinic. See pricing information document for an example.

  • Food Sensitivities
  • Hypoallergenic Dietary Instructions
  • Food Elimination Diets

HcG Weight Management Program $700 for 40 days

  • Short-term caloric restrictions
  • HcG Injections
  • 3 follow up visits through the program and 1 maintenance visit
  • Additional LipoB Injections if desired at additional cost of $200 for 5 injections over one month

Personalized Healthy Living Coaching

  • Exercise Prescription
  • Stress Prevention and Management
  • Detoxification Programs
  • Habit Accountability Partner
  • Healthy Dietary Choices
  • Additional Services with additional expenses
    • Grocery Shopping Trips
    • Email support

Before your initial session you will:

  • Complete a general wellness assessment (GWA) and return it to the Integrative Health and Hormone Clinic for Molly to review
  • The GWA can be found on our website

During your session you will:

  • Participate in health assessments and vision statements with Molly, to embark down your personalized wellness plan
  • Establish realistic and attainable goals
  • Be encouraged to engage in mindful thinking regarding your lifestyle
  • Be held accountable for action plans and goals that are established in order to maximize your overall achievements
  • Learn to turn unhealthy behaviors into positive healthy habits, for life

Personalized Healthy Living Coaching Sessions

  • You will receive two sessions a month
  • The initial session will be 60 minutes long
  • Follow up sessions will be 30-45 minutes long
  • You will receive email follow-ups in between sessions
  • Additional quick follow-ups will be charged separate from package rate

Personalized Healthy Living Coaching Packages:

  • 1 hour session: $200
  • 6 session package: $600 (100 per session, with savings of $100 per session)
  • 9 session package: $900 ($75 per session, with savings of $125 per session)

Currently Molly is seeing clients Wednesdays and Thursdays. Call the clinic to schedule an appointment with her today!


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