I have the highest praise for the wellness clinic known as Integrative Health and Hormone Clinic. Dr. Gray is very knowledgeable and listens to your health issues with an open mind and then gets right down to business finding the answers to your problems. The entire staff is kind and puts forth every effort to help you to a healthy way of living.

My journey found this wonderful alternative health service, when I had begun to give up faith and hope that I would ever feel healthy and normal again. The inflammation in my body was so painful; I was to a point where there were days I could not walk. By changing my diet, I was able to lose 20 pounds and get rid of the pain. Helping me to get my life back included getting energy back. The hormonal pellets have helped, along with getting my thyroid condition under control. I cannot thank them enough for my happiness to health journey.


After spending 7 long years in bed or on the couch, an interrupted attempt at suicide, and trying over 100 depression medications with horrible side-effects, that eventually put me in the hospital...From a recommendation of a physician to IHH Clinic and going to them for treatment my life has changed. Dr. Gray found and solved my problem of no testosterone in my body. She started me on testosterone/estrogen pellets and my life has changed completely around. My mood has changed dramatically for the best, I have energy and, best of all, I enjoy sex tremendously. Great, friendly, knowledgeable staff with no judgementalism. Thank you Dr. Gray!


My story started many years ago starting with a hysterectomy when I was 28 years old, causing me to be on synthetic HTR (Hormone Replacement Therapy), IBSD (Irritable Bowel Syndrome with diarrhea), and terrible mood swings along with fatigue.

I spent much of my life crabby, tired and running from bathroom to bathroom! Literally!! I had to base all my trips outside of my home based on where a bathroom would be available and trust me....it was awful! I had multiple colonoscopy's visits to gastroenterologists and family Doctor's to no avail.

I tried figuring things out on my own. Maybe it was gluten, maybe it was dairy. I tried many things but nothing worked. I was having rage issues and hot flashes and fatigue. My description of myself when I finally made it to the Integrative Health and Hormone Clinic was I was nothing but a "HOT MESS". Ask my husband and he would definitely agree. A friend of mine referred me to the clinic in September 2015 and my life was changed forever!! I am not the same person as I was a year ago! Their motto "We test we don't guess" was the most wonderful thing that could have happened to me. Through the blood tests for food sensitivity I found that I was way off base with thinking it was gluten and dairy. It WAS those things, but also eggs, and peanuts and almonds and pineapple and broccoli and numerous others. No wonder just cutting out gluten and dairy didn't fix my problem! Why general practitioners don't test is beyond me! I eliminated those things from my diet in September 2015 and have not had any issues with my chronic IBSD since !!! I was so happy.

I also found out the thyroid medications I was on were not controlling my thyroid as it should and it was recommended I go to a natural option and I was extremely low in vitamin D. Now my thyroid is at normal levels again.

I was also tested for my hormone levels and the synthetic HRT I was taking did nothing for me and all my levels were low. I opted for the Hormone Pellets. Myself and my husband are so happy with the results!! I will never go without them again, I don't care how old I get. I had explained to my husband that most of the things I was doing to regain my health such as the pellets and the supplements, were not covered by insurance and we would have to budget for them. I overheard him at a party telling some of his buddies, about my new health regiment and he said "I don't care how much it costs......she's a different person".

And that is the truth. I'm so much happier and feel so much better. Thank you Stephanie, Eric and your whole team. What a blessing it has been and I'm so glad I was referred to you!


I ran into Molly last fall, and decided to sign up for health coaching. We first started with a food sensitivity test, which I didn’t know much about. My results came back, and I needed to eliminate a lot of food from my current diet (gluten, dairy, eggs). Then we talked about exercise, and got a plan together on this. I focused on cardio 2 days a week, and strength training 2 days a week. After this I did the liver detox and anit-candida protocol. When I came in for health coaching I was 242 lbs, and I now fluctuate around 210 lbs. I have tried to lose 20-30 lbs for the last 10 years, through all sorts of programs (Ferrells, Beach Body, The MAC, training for a half marathon, working out 5x week, eliminating alcohol), and this was the only one that worked.

It is truly worth it if you want to change your overall health and life. They look at your specific body, what it can and can’t handle and build a program around this. I am very analytical, so to me, using Molly as a health coach just makes sense. The thing about Molly is, she really cares, and it shows. She has changed my life for the better, and I would pay a lot more that I initially spent if I knew my current results.


The HCG Weight Management Program provided exactly what I had hoped and so much more. I had been trying to lose weight for almost 5 years, instead, I had steadily gained, each year, until I found myself 40-50 pounds overweight. I tried many different things with no results. I no longer felt like myself. And, then, I tried HCG.

The HCG program worked wonderfully for me. I was rarely hungry, and most often when I was, it was mental hunger, not true hunger. My energy was great and my mood was improved. The program helped me understand some of my triggers for emotional eating. It allowed me to get a better understanding of what kinds of foods I needed to be eating, showed me that there was hope, and has continued to motivate me to keep up those great habits I learned! The program was easy to follow, I had great support and fantastic results. I still can't believe how much better I feel and how much better I look. I would recommend this program to anyone who has the determination to take it seriously, follow it to the letter and get as much out of it as I did.


The HCG Weight Management Program is the only thing I’ve done to lose weight that’s worked. I was somewhat skeptical at first, but I read the study behind the protocol and it made a lot of sense to me. Expect the first few days to be challenging as you get used to eating different things and eating less. It took several days for the cravings for sweet, starchy things to subside, but they do go away.

You’ll be surprised by how little food you really need, and how good you feel eating less food (but likely more protein). You’ll get in touch with the difference between real hunger (hint—you can wait to eat if necessary) and emotional/sweet-starch-fat-craving hunger (hint--it feels like you MUST eat now).

There are a couple of things to consider:
• You must be strict about following the food recommendations, especially if you’re trying this for the first time. You may find the choices boring, but you’ll also find some comfort in not having to make snap decisions about whether or not to eat something that may take you off track.
• It’s important that your head is in the right place before beginning this program—you have to be ready to tackle this successfully--and it works best if you don’t have any travel or major events planned.

Eating less/not eating those things you’re accustomed to becomes easier to do when you’re successfully losing weight. Weighing yourself every day helps keeps you on track. And in addition to the weight you’ve lost, at the end of the program you may well find yourself trying new things once you’ve broken your default eating habits.

If you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked, I’d encourage you to consider the HCG Weight Loss Program.