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DiagnosticsWe Offer the Following Diagnostics/Testing


  • hormone diagnostics through blood, saliva, and urine
  • saliva cortisol testing and urine neurotransmitter testing
  • food allergy and sensitivity testing as well as comprehensive stool and digestive testing
  • lipoprotein particle analysis to better investigate cardiovascular risk
  • comprehensive nutritional analysis to investigate which nutrients you may be deficient in
  • urine iodine testing
  • genetic testing looking for single nucleotide polymorphisms



Advances in the science of personalized medicine continue to reveal specific genetic variations that modify the body's response to various drugs and therapies. By identifying these variations, clinicians can design more targeted and personalized treatment plans for each patient.

The Genecept Assay is a simple to use, saliva-based tool for understanding genetic markers that can inform response to different psychiatric treatments. The Assay is Genomind’s core product, and contains a proprietary panel of biomarker tests, an analytic report, and a psychopharmacologist consultation. The Assay can be used for a range of psychiatric conditions including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, OCD and ADHD. The Assay is reimbursed by many insurance providers and can also be covered through Genomind’s Patient Assistance Plan or a self-pay option.

Patient provides 1ml of saliva - about a small spoonful - into a tube and the clinician mails the sample in a postage-paid shipping package to Genomind’s lab. The lab will analyze the DNA in 3-5 business upon receipt of the saliva sample. Genomind will send the patient’s genetic test results in a report, with clinical interpretations, directly to the clinician.

The Genecept Assay assists clinicians who have difficult-to-treat patients, make more informed treatment decisions. The clinician will gain valuable insights about a potential neurochemical imbalance, and will be able to choose a course of action for the individual, based on their genetic and biological predispositions. By honing in on the underlying causes of the neuropsychiatric condition, clinicians are able to more efficiently design effective treatment plans.

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Have you ever seen the show Freaky Eaters on television? This show deals with people who have bizarre addictions to food and/or eating disorders. Each episode, is titled with the words "Addicted to" and then whatever the food is. Psychotherapist Mike Dow and nutritionist J.J. Virgin host the show. J.J. Virgin (the blonde nutritionist) runs genetic panels on these individuals with weird addictions looking for explanations to their bizarre cravings and addictions.

This testing is not only important for helping with eating behaviors/disorders but also with weight loss! Her company, Pathway Genomics offers a test that looks at your genes and arrives at a suggested diet,
nutrition, and exercise plan to fit your genes-all specifically for weight loss!

Consider Pathway Genomics Pathway Fit test to Utilize Genetics for Weight Loss! We are the only clinic in Iowa offering this testing at the present time.

The Pathway Fit report includes detailed analysis on how a person's body may respond to exercise, and his or her potential response to certain foods, all of which may lead to healthy choices and a better lifestyle. Pathway Fit report gives people the power to understand their metabolism, eating behaviors, and their response to exercise, as well as the best ways to reach and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.